Common Viva Question and Answers

We have developed eBilling and Invoice System project, it is a billing and invoice application can be used by any small to medium shop. Our application is a desktop application require very less space and require basic configuration to run this application. We have observed many shop use manual bill and maintain register to maintain stock details. This eBilling application can easily used and automate the billing and invoice process.

It is GUI based application require very less time to learn and use this application. System has security features like only authorized user can use this application. System support dynamic product listing, so user of this application can add, edit product details. Same application can use different type of shop, industry for billing and invoice.

We have gone through various shop like medicine shop, stationary shop, grocery shop, small super market. Conduct, observe and consult with operator, sales person, manager, owner for their current system and process. We have collected sample bills, register formats, product types, invoice formats.

We have implemented this project at A1 Xerox and Stationary, previously they used to process billing manually. They have install our application in two system for billing and invoice and print bill in one dot matrix printer.

We have used Visual Basic 6.0 for front end technology and used MS Access for Back End database, Also we have used Crystal Report for generate and print bills.

We have used Waterfall method for developing this project, we have collected all requirements in advance and have clear idea of all milestone of our project. We have sequenced all the steps of development and complete the steps.

It is Software and DBMS project and used in live system.

We have 3 members team for developing this project. My role was to gather requirement from user and form design, coding and making project report.

Data Flow move from an external entity to a process, from a process to another process, into and out of a store from a process, and from a process to an external entity. Flows are not permitted to move directly from an external entity to a store or from a store directly to an external entity. For our project external entity is Customer and process is bill generation and out put is bill.

TWe have made this application as per user requirement, however we can use latest software technology like .Net, instated of Crystal Report we can use in built data report for printing, also can used SQL Server instated of SQL Server for data security and reliability.

We have done unit testing of all forms, modules code written by us and then done integration testing. After completing these two testing we have done stress testing by populating more than 1000 products in product master and customer table to see the performance. Also we have prepare test case and test result document for verification.

Mostly we get guide from our class teacher and lab assistance, however also we have taken assistance from internet, msdn site for coding.

We can introduce email, sms feature. instated of printing system can send email, sms for bill, Card payment option along with cash payment options.