1 CPJ001 Active Source Routing Protocol For Mobile Networks
2 CPJ002 Administration of Super Specialty Hospital Activities
3 CPJ003 AdXpress
4 CPJ004 A Stochastic Model of Multi-Virus Dynamics
5 CPJ005 Andhra Pradesh State Finance Corporation
6 CPJ006 Automated Courier Service
7 CPJ007 Automated customer care system
8 CPJ008 Automated Sports Club
9 CPJ009 Automatic DB Schema Generation
10 CPJ010 Broad Walk Dealers
11 CPJ011 Bug Tracking System
12 CPJ012 Bus Scheduling
13 CPJ013 Cargo Management System
14 CPJ014 Client Server Protocol Implementation
15 CPJ015 College Interacto
16 CPJ016 College Management Tool
17 CPJ017 Common Employment System
18 CPJ018 Company´┐Żs Vehicle Management Tool
19 CPJ019 Complaint Management System
20 CPJ020 Computer Retail Store and Maintenance
21 CPJ021 Computerized Examination Management Tool
22 CPJ022 Concurrent Train Simulation
23 CPJ023 Congestion Control Using Network Based Protocol
24 CPJ024 Consignment Tracking services
25 CPJ025 Contract Labor Management System
26 CPJ026 Corporate BPO Solution Management
27 CPJ027 Corporate Leave Management System
28 CPJ028 Corporate Recruitment System (CRS)
29 CPJ029 Crime Records Management System
30 CPJ030 CRM For Airline Industry
31 CPJ031 Cyber Shopping
32 CPJ032 Data Base Interface
33 CPJ033 Data Centric Knowledge Management System (DCKMS)
34 CPJ034 Data Mart Management Software
35 CPJ035 Data Transmission Using Multi-Tasking-Sockets
36 CPJ036 DHL Courier System
37 CPJ037 Digital Encryption System
38 CPJ038 Distributed Antiworm System
39 CPJ039 Distribution Business Automation System
40 CPJ040 E- Counseling
41 CPJ041 E- Music World
42 CPJ042 E-Cargo & Express Couriers
43 CPJ043 E-Compiler
44 CPJ044 Error Control System In Network Environment
45 CPJ045 Error Tracking System
46 CPJ046 E-Shop
47 CPJ047 E-Transaction Interface
48 CPJ048 Ewheelz
49 CPJ049 EzHotels
51 CPJ051 Flow well Automation System
52 CPJ052 Foresty Management System
53 CPJ053 Gate Way Protocol Implementation
54 CPJ054 Graphic Media Player
55 CPJ055 Graphics Data Visualization System
56 CPJ056 Internet Banking
57 CPJ057 Inventory Analyzer
58 CPJ058 Legitimate Motor Vehicle Finance Processing
59 CPJ059 Local Service Center
60 CPJ060 Mobility Management Approaches for Mobile IP Networks
61 CPJ061 Online Crime Investigation System
62 CPJ062 Online Library Management
63 CPJ063 Online Registration For Voter Card
64 CPJ064 Online Taxicab Service
65 CPJ065 Online Telephone Management System
66 CPJ066 Online Tourism Guide
67 CPJ067 Payroll systems
68 CPJ068 Pharma Ordering System
69 CPJ069 Placement Activity System
70 CPJ070 Hostel Management Information System
71 CPJ071 Product Service Management System
72 CPJ072 Project Management Information System(PMIS)
73 CPJ073 Real Estate Management System
74 CPJ074 Re-Ordering of Packets Using Retransmission Timer
75 CPJ075 Resource Pool
76 CPJ076 Security System for DNS Using Cryptography
77 CPJ077 Self-Interested Routing In Online Environment
78 CPJ078 Smart Card Health Security System
79 CPJ079 Stenography Using Image, Audio & Video
80 CPJ080 Telecom Connection System
81 CPJ081 Training Portal Application
82 CPJ082 Travel Desk Management System
83 CPJ083 University Admission System
84 CPJ0084 Value Added Sales Tax Information System
85 CPJ085 Visa Processing Information System
86 CPJ086 Web Enabled Books Management Tool
87 CPJ087 Web-Based Library
88 CPJ088 Online Examination
89 CPJ089 Ezee Mail System
90 CPJ090 Distributed Database Querying System - DDQS
91 CPJ091 Hospital Management System
92 CPJ092 Human Resource Information System
93 CPJ093 Corporate Hospital Health Car
94 CPJ094 Insurance
95 CPJ095 Secure Fie Saving System
96 CPJ096 Telecom Business Information System
97 CPJ097 eZest
98 CPJ098 File Tracking System
99 CPJ099 Human Resource Planner
100 CPJ100 Graduate Selection Process
101 CPJ101 Global Interactive Solutions
102 CPJ102 Global Communication Media
103 CPJ103 College Information System
104 CPJ104 Fuji Distribution
105 CPJ105 E-Corporate Project Planning
106 CPJ106 Medi Tracker
107 CPJ107 Mobile Service Provider
108 CPJ108 Online Order Processing System with AJAX Enabled
109 CPJ109 Online Examination
110 CPJ110 Online Auction
111 CPJ111 Online Library
112 CPJ112 Peer to Peer File Sharing Program
113 CPJ113 E-Learning
114 CPJ114 Routing Simulator
115 CPJ115 Techno Task Manager
116 CPJ1116 Get Your Campus
117 CPJ117 Employee Transaction Scenario
118 CPJ118 Profession Recruitment Management System
119 CPJ119 District Collectrate Management System
120 CPJ120 Online Handwritten Script Recognition
121 CPJ121 College Enrollment System
122 CPJ122 Automated Customer Care Service
123 CPJ123 College Administrator Tool
124 CPJ124 Multi Sensor Railway Track Geometry Surveying System
125 CPJ125 Revenue project
126 CPJ126 Train Information System
127 CPJ127 Face Identification
128 CPJ128 Electronic project business
129 CPJ129 Law Firm
130 CPJ130 Net-Call Center Manager project
131 CPJ131 Online Movie Booking
132 CPJ132 Safe Internet
133 CPJ133 Reseller Management System
134 CPJ134 Rail Tourism
135 CPJ135 Enterprise Resource Information System
136 CPJ136 Webs Eye
137 CPJ137 Distributed DBA
138 CPJ138 EAMCET Mock Counseling
139 CPJ139 Course Management System