1 CPA0001 Android Event Scheduler Reminder Application
2 CPA0002 Dynamic Google Remote Data Collection
3 CPA0003 Nearest ATM Mobile Navigation Through Global Positioning System
4 CPA0004 Organization Business Communication & Planning Through Mobile Remote Server
5 CPA0005 Quantitative and Qualitative Mobile Data collection
6 CPA0006 Route Navigation Through Global Positioning System
7 CPA0007 Software Version Self Update For Android Mobile Applications
8 CPA0008 The Application Protector For Mobile Manual Security
9 CPA0009 Tracking 24 hrs
10 CPA0010 Battery Savery & Memory Cleaner
11 CPA0011 College Phonebook
12 CPA0012 Emergency
13 CPA0013 Master Mind
14 CPA0014 Message Reader
15 CPA0015 Mobile Attendance
16 CPA0016 Mobile Theft
17 CPA0017 Office Employee Location
18 CPA0018 Personal Book
19 CPA0019 Personal Finance Application
20 CPA0020 Phone Mode
21 CPA0021 Word Tracer
22 CPA0022 Lodge Management System
23 CPA0023 Multi Information
24 CPA0024 Route Map
25 CPA0025 Attendance Management
26 CPA0026 Event Manager
27 CPA0027 Expense Tracker
28 CPA0028 Service Provider
29 CPA0029 Shop Management
30 CPA0030 Spell Jumble
31 CPA0031 Safe Driving Using Mobile Phones
32 CPA0032 Bus Info
33 CPA0033 E-Learning
34 CPA0034 Restaurant
35 CPA0035 Call Blocker
36 CPA0036 Hospital Management System
37 CPA0037 Motor vehicle
38 CPA0038 Defenses Against Large Scale Online Password Guessing Attacks By Using Persuasive Click Points
39 CPA0039 EduPad- A Tablet Based Educational System for Improving Adult Literacy in Rural India
40 CPA0040 Ensuring Distributed Accountability for Data Sharing in the Cloud
41 CPA0041 Scalable and Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing
42 CPA0042 Review of Behavior Malware Analysis for Android
43 CPA0043 Tram Location and Route Navigation System using Smart Phone
44 CPA0044 Optimal Distributed Malware Defense in MobileNetworks with Heterogeneous Devices